Breaking Ground on Our Modern Farmhouse

Let The Journey Begin On Building Our Home!

Our family is building a new house! On May 16, 2018 we officially broke ground on our Modern Farmhouse in Hood River, Oregon. We met our builder, Cameron Curtis of Curtis Homes early in the morning to commence the process.

We thought that it would be fun to bring “gold shovels” to document this milestone in our home building process. My husband went to ACE Hardware and purchased a kid’s sized shovel for our daughter, Olivia. We then had an old shovel laying around our house that we didn’t mind painting as well. I found a Gold spray paint on Amazon that we used to paint the shovels. It was super easy and fun to spray on the paint. It dried quickly too!

Rust-Oleum 286524 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint 11 Oz, Warm Gold

When we arrived on the morning of the 16th to “break ground,” it was a beautiful calm morning. Our daughter Olivia was excited (and so proud of her new gold shovel). We talked briefly about the next steps in our home build process and then Olivia dug the first hole in the ground. Soon the excavators will start digging out the foundation to build our house. I’ll continue to post progress updates as our build moves along. In the meanwhile, here’s a few more pictures from our ground breaking…

Have you built a house before? Any tips or things you would have done differently in your own home build? Or, is there anything you want me to share about during my home build experience? Comment below and let me know your thoughts and/or tips!

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  1. Great story. I remember when we built our home 14 years ago. To have the kids see the beginning to the end, we still celebrate that today. Congrats!

    1. Thank you Nichelle. We’re very excited! I’m sure you’ve built so many memories over the last 14 years in your home!

    1. I will! I’m glad you are enjoying following along. Is there anything in particular you would like to see or learn about?

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