Elements Of A Modern Farmhouse

Elements Of A Modern Farmhouse

We had no idea that our new home would end up being a modern farmhouse when our family decided that we were ready to build. When we first met with our builder, Cameron Curtis of Curtis Homes, he asked us what we thought about the idea of building a modern farmhouse. He shared that the particular lot we were interested in building on was slated for a modern farmhouse.

Being from the midwest, my husband T.J. loved the idea of building a modern day farm home. Initially T.J. was mostly excited about the idea of having covered porches (one common element of a modern farmhouse). I knew very little about modern farmhouses as ours will be one of the first in our small town. After our meeting with our builder, I went home and started searching the internet for key elements of a modern farmhouse so I would have a good understanding of what a modern farmhouse consists of. Here’s what I found:

Exterior Elements Of A Modern Farmhouse:

Of course not all modern farmhouses have these particular design elements, but there definitely appears to be a theme among modern day farmhouses. What do you think? Are there any key elements of a modern farmhouse that I’m missing? Tell me, what is your favorite element of a modern farmhouse?

Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

modern farmhouse elements
Design Elements of a Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Elements

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    1. Thank you Brittany. Be sure to follow along as I will be sharing lots of tips and advice for building. I hope you get your modern farmhouse someday as well!

  1. This post is giving me serious house envy! I’m still in the apartment stage, but dreaming of a big house with some land one day! Good luck!

    1. Thank you Aly. Keep your focus and someday this can be your reality as well. I remember starting out in an apartment and this is now our fourth home. We’ve been lucky and able to move up every few years by keeping our focus and setting goals <3

  2. There are so many elements of the farmhouse that I love. I just never associated them with a farm house. For example, I absolutely love covered porches rather they are screened in or not. I also love the idea of industrial lighting. This was very educational for me. I too hope to build a Home one day soon. I’ll definitely be referring back to this!

    1. Thanks for your great comments. Yes, please follow along and I’d love to hear if you decided to build someday 🙂

  3. The Farm House style looks very inviting! Thank you for your insights to building a custom Farm Home; I really like the black vinyl exterior window trim. You are right; it does make the windows stand out. Question, when you use black vinyl trim on the exterior, are you using black or white vinyl trim on the inside?

  4. Your detailed exploration of the key elements of a modern farmhouse, from the elegant white exteriors to the charming covered porches, showcases your commitment to creating a stunning and inviting space. The combination of board and batten siding with black trim windows is indeed a striking choice that adds character to your home.

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