We made a mistake with our fireplace mantle

No one ever said designing a house is easy. There are lots of decisions to make and sometimes you realize after the fact that you’ve made a poor design choice.

When we started building I created inspiration boards to help guide our home building journey. I found pictures of fireplace mantles that I really loved. Then I found a photo of floating shelves that I also fell in love with. Unfortunately I discovered that my inspiration photos did not mesh well together when everything came to life.

Here is an image of the fireplace mantle that our trim guy built for us. When we saw it, we knew instantly that we had made a mistake. The mantle was nicely done, but it was too traditional next to our modern built-ins. Since this was a place in our house that we will look at everyday, we opted to change the fireplace mantle last minute.

fire place mantle

Our trim company suggested we shiplap the fireplace to tie in with our laundry room. My husband and I both love the look of shiplap so instantly we loved his suggestion to help improve our family room look.

Shiplap Fireplace

Here’s a photo of the installation of the fireplace mantle with shiplap. We’re about two weeks away from moving in at this point and I can’t wait to see everything take shape!

shiplap fireplace mantle

Did you make any decisions in your design process that you ended up changing? Or is there anything in your house that you wish you could go back and re-do?

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