How To Save Your Child’s Artwork Without All The Clutter

Does anyone else face “Mom Guilt” for not keeping all of your child’s artwork?⠀

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter’s artwork, yet it creates so much clutter as we tend to save every piece of art from the school year in a giant box. I’ve been wondering how to save my child’s artwork and eliminate clutter?

Our daughter loves art and has made so many amazing arts and crafts projects over the last two years at her pre-school. Recently one of my friends told me about the Artkive Box, it’s a way to preserve your kid’s artwork in either a book or a wall mural. Being one that doesn’t like a lot of clutter, I decided to order the Artkive Box and give it a try. This huge box arrived in our mailbox and our daughter and I had so much fun sorting through all her art and deciding which ones to send in for a keepsake book.

All you have to do is sort through your kid’s art and arrange it how you want it in the book, then Artkive does the rest, they photograph the artwork, and then create a book. We can’t wait to get our keepsake book back!⠀

Here’s how to save child’s artwork while eliminating clutter. Simply Click here for a coupon to save $20 on your child’s Artkive Box.

Comment below and let me know if you’ve tried Artkive before of if you have a cleaver method for preserving your child’s artwork.

sorting through my daughter's artwork to create a clutter free way of preserving her art.
Sorting through my daughter’s artwork to create our Artkive Book

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