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Holiday Kitchen Cleaning Is Easier with OXO

kitchen cleaning accessories from OXO

The holidays are my favorite time of year for hosting guests. I love preparing meals and baking for others. However, that also means that the amount of dishes usually doubles. I was recently gifted a set of kitchen cleaning products from OXO. With these OXO kitchen products, holiday cleaning is much easier and less time consuming.

This year OXO sent me a package of brand new kitchen sink accessories for easier kitchen cleaning. I am loving my new OXO Aluminum Dish Rack and Silicone Drying Rack. They are both large enough for holding my dishes, but also store away easily when not in use. I am also able to keep my countertops clutter-free with the OXO Good Grips StrongHold™ Suction Sponge Holder that holds my kitchen sponge. Kitchen cleanup is so much easier and my kitchen stays organized with these great OXO accessories!⠀

Here Are A Few OXO Highlights:

  • You can keep your countertops clutter-free and your favorite sponge, scrubber or dish brush close within reach
  • Lever-activated StrongHold™ suction locks into place for secure everyday storage, and the holder comes off the base to make room for washing larger items like pots, pans and dishware
  • The Holder is ventilated for quick, sanitary drying

Do you enjoy entertaining at your house for the holidays?⠀

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