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tilt My Smart Roller Shades

New Window Coverings For Our Farmhouse

I am loving the extra hour of daylight we now have thanks to daylight savings time, but I’m loving my new roller shades from tilt Smarterhome even more! (affiliate post)

new window coverings on dining room windows
Natural Woven Shades from tilt Smarterhome

Thanks to our new roller shades from tilt, I can now prepare dinner in our kitchen without being blinded by the evening sun! Our kitchen and dining room both face westward so with the days being longer now, the sun shines directly into these spaces, making it nearly impossible to prepare or enjoy dinner. No joke, we have literally worn sunglasses in the past to keep the sun from blinding us at the dinner table.

Recently I reached out to tilt Smarterhome to inquire about their solar powered roller shades. We ended up ordering 6 roller shades for our kitchen and dining room. It was so easy to measure and order these window coverings. They arrived quickly and after watching tilt’s tutorial video, we were able to install these roller shades in no time.

tilt MySmartRollerShades Automation

Tilt’s MySmartRollerShades are solar powered and you can easily operate them through an app on your smart phone. Through tilt’s automation, I was able to program our shades to open daily at sunrise and close at sunset. I was even able to program my westward windows to close prior to sunset to keep the harsh sunlight out.

kitchen windows with new window coverings
tilt’s MySmartRollerShades look great in our farmhouse kitchen!

Being a family with young children and pets, we also appreciate that these window coverings are child and pet safe. There’s no cords or strings that you have to worry about with little ones. Tilt’s MySmartRollerShades are also durable, flame resistant, and won’t fade over time. 

close up of windows

I am so pleased with our new roller shades from tilt! I look forward to adding more of these automated roller shades throughout our home. Visit https://www.tiltsmarthome.com to order your new window coverings.

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tilt roller shades
tilt solar powered roller shades

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  1. I love how you can operate the shades with your cell phone, and they look so pretty! I need new blinds in our master bedroom; I will definitely check these out! Do you know if they are available in black-out shades? Thank you for sharing!

    1. I believe they do have black out roller shades as well. For this space we wanted the natural light to still be able to filter in.

  2. I am curious how the solar has worked for you. Is there a battery backup? Are you still happy with these shades? Many thanks!

    1. Hi Laura, what a great question and good timing! We have a few shades that I have had to recharge a few times over the past year. These two shades get less sunlight than our other windows. We still love these and actually ordered more that we will be hanging this weekend in our living room! I will have a discount code for them soon.

  3. These shades look so beautiful. Can you tell me if yours are installed with a reverse roll or standard roll? Thanks!

    1. Thank you Sara! We love these roller shades. We have the front roll on our roller shades. You can save 10% with code FLOWERINGFARM10

  4. Thank you for this article! This is really very informative for us. I agree with you totally. It gives some true and insightful information on automated roller shades. Great blog to share!! I have also found this resource Cedarblinds.co.nz useful and its related to what you are mentioning.

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