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Kids’ Modern Farmhouse Playhouse Makeover

How We Turned Our Daughter’s Wooden Playhouse Into A Modern Farmhouse Playhouse

modern farmhouse playhouse

What little girl wouldn’t love a modern farmhouse playhouse in her backyard? We’ve been spending more time than ever at home this summer. As a result, we decided it was time to give our 5-year old daughter a fun playhouse to play in this summer. Since we live in a modern farmhouse, we wanted her playhouse to match our home and my greenhouse. We decided to make-over a wooden playhouse and to turn it into a modern farmhouse playhouse.


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Finding Inspiration for our playhouse makeover

I first turned to Pinterest and Instagram where I spent hours searching for playhouse inspiration. Since we don’t have a lot of space for a playhouse, we knew that we needed to find something compact to fit in our backyard garden. I stumbled upon this photo (see below) of a darling wooden playhouse from BeMindful Kids on Instagram.

Once I saw this white modern farmhouse playhouse, I knew that this is what we wanted to create for our daughter. I reached out to BeMindful Kids and they sent us a wooden playhouse to assemble. The outdoor playhouse shipped and arrived quickly. Before assembling, my husband painted all of the wooden boards white to match our home’s exterior color.

While my husband worked on painting the playhouse, I focused on preparing a site in our backyard for the playhouse. I leveled a space and then put pavers down. On the top of the pavers I put sand to fill in the cracks and make sure the ground was level. Once this space was ready, it was time to finish the playhouse assembly!

Assembling the playhouse

Once all the wooden boards were dry from being painted, we started assembling the playhouse. To get started we grabbed a drill and a screwdriver. We found a level space on our back deck to assemble our daughter’s outdoor playhouse. The playhouse came with a manual for assembling the playhouse. My husband and I followed the instructions and working together, we assembled the wooden playhouse in under an hour! Here’s a quick time-lapse video showing us assembling our daughter’s modern farmhouse playhouse:

Finishing touches for our Modern Farmhouse playhouse

Once we had the wooden playhouse fully assembled, it was time to put it out in backyard. The playhouse was light even for my husband and I to pick up and carry out into the yard. We set the playhouse down on the pavers and it was almost finished! The playhouse comes with a wooden roof and we wanted to give it more of a farmhouse look. We went to our local building supply store and bought black roofing shingles. We nailed the shingles onto the roof and then glued the top layer down.

While there’s still a few more things we’d like to do with the playhouse (add a light fixture, furniture, etc.), it’s perfect for our daughter to play in. She actually calls her modern farmhouse playhouse her “flower shop” and is constantly taking my flowers from the field to her playhouse.

playing inside modern farmhouse playhouse

This playhouse has given her hours of fun this summer and we’re so glad we added this affordable playhouse to our backyard. Now I’m already dreaming of ideas for decorating the playhouse for the various seasons!

Do you have a playhouse in your backyard? If so, would you consider a DIY makeover? Would you paint yours white for a modern farmhouse look or would you do something different? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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