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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lights

Updating Our Kitchen Island With Black Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lights

When we built our modern farmhouse in 2018, I selected modern farmhouse kitchen pendant lights that were within our building allowance. Let’s face it, building a house is expensive! More often than not, your “wish list” does not always align with your budget. When we built, we kept our lighting allowance for our entire home under $2,000. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the farmhouse style seeded glass pendants that I selected during our build. However, they were not the ones I originally had on my mood board for our farmhouse kitchen.

modern farmhouse kitchen
BEFORE PHOTO: These seeded glass kitchen pendants are the original lights that we hung over our farmhouse kitchen island.

Luckily, I knew when we built our house that lighting is something that can be changed down the road. During our build, we decided to splurge on items like black windows and larger exterior black doors. These were items that are harder to change later down the line. I did however choose lighting fixtures that stuck with our modern farmhouse vibe. I knew that as long as I had electricity to the right spot, I could change out my lighting later on.


The Flowering Farmhouse teamed up with Destination Lighting for this blog post. This means that I received product in exchange for candid feedback. The opinions expressed on this blog are my own. As a result, all brands and products that I feature represent and showcase items that I personally use or like.

Selecting The Right Black Modern Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Having purchased home light fixtures through Destination Lighting for 3 different home builds over the years, I recently reached out to Destination Lighting to see about updating our kitchen pendants. I was thrilled when they agreed to help us update our kitchen island with new farmhouse pendant lights. This time around I was excited to go from glass seeded kitchen pendants to black modern farmhouse style kitchen island pendants.

While our seeded glass pendants are beautiful, they get lost visually in our kitchen because of the window placement behind them. Our kitchen is also all white and needed something to add some contrast. I knew that when we updated these lights, I wanted more of a statement piece. Bigger and darker kitchen island pendants would ground the island. Thus creating that “wow” factor I was hoping to achieve with the kitchen island.

BEFORE PHOTO: As you can see here, the light pouring in from the kitchen window washes out our beautiful seeded glass kitchen pendants.

My Favorite Black Modern Farmhouse Pendant Lights From Destination Lighting

When the time came to select new pendant lights for our kitchen island, I headed to Destination Lighting’s online website to begin my search. I searched for “black” colored “farmhouse” style pendants. Our kitchen island is 92’’ long by 38’’ wide. With these dimensions, I also filtered my search to pendants that are 12-18’’ wide. 

Here are my favorite modern farmhouse style kitchen island pendants from Destination Lighting:

farmhouse pendant lights for kitchen island
  1. Indy Matte Black Pendant Light
  2. Farmhouse Pendant Light Bronze Pratt Street Metal
  3. Sea Gull Lighting Perryton Blacksmith Pendant Light
  4. Farmhouse Pendant Light Bronze with Brass Accents
  5. Black Pendant Light With Bowl
  6. Matte Black Bowl Dome Shade (Currently on backorder)

Selecting The Right Pendant Fixtures For Our Kitchen Island

It was really hard to decide on our favorite kitchen pendants. There were so many great options. Ultimately we decided upon the Matte Black Bowl Dome Shade from Feiss Lighting. I really loved the modern farmhouse and Scandinavian design of this light fixture. These lights also come with two sets of fitter brackets in both Chrome and Burnished Brass. This allows you to create a customized look. We choose to use the Burnished Brass fitter brackets to match our barstools.

This option of the Matte Black Bowl Dome Shade seemed like the best farmhouse pendant lights for our kitchen island. Measuring in at 14’’ wide and 17’’ tall, we were able to fit 3 of these modern farmhouse pendant lights above our kitchen island.

Our new kitchen pendants draw your eye into the island and make a bold statement.

Energy Efficient Kitchen Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Another thing that sold us on these dome pendant lights was the fact that they are LED. Our house is energy certified by the Energy Trust of Oregon and all of our other lights in the house are LED. Did you know that LED lighting technology cuts energy use by more than 80%?

Matte Black Dome LED Kitchen Pendants with dimmer on.
Matte Black Dome LED Kitchen Pendants with dimmer on.

We also have a dimmer switch on our kitchen pendants. A dimmer on these lights allows for a warm glow effect that can easily change the look and feel of the room.

*At the time of publishing this post, The Matte Black Bowl Dome Shade by Feiss Lighting is out of stock, but on order. Trust me, it’s worth the wait for this beautiful matte black kitchen pendant.

Replacing Your Old Pendant Lights With New Farmhouse Pendant Lighting

Since I lack any electrical skills, I decided to hire a local electrician to help me replace our old kitchen pendant lights. Prior to the electrician’s arrival, I laid down a cloth over our kitchen butcher block. Next, I set-up our new Matte Black Pendant Lights so they were ready for installation. Once our electrician arrived, he was able to replace our new kitchen pendants in less than an hour. This probably would have taken me several hours to figure out how to disconnect and reconnect the lights.

electrician installing kitchen pendant lights

How High To Hang Pendant Lights

When hanging kitchen pendant lights from your ceiling, you want the bottom of the pendant to be 32-36’’ from the top of your kitchen island. This spacing gives you plenty of clearance. It also provides the right height for your pendant lights to hang from the ceiling. For our kitchen pendants, we decided to go with the 36’’ height. This allows us to have full visibility from the kitchen to our living room.

Our new farmhouse pendant lights for kitchen island hang 36” above the kitchen island.

Our Kitchen Island With New Farmhouse Pendant Lights

We are loving the look of our kitchen with new pendant lights! It’s amazing how changing out our pendant lights really transformed the look of our kitchen. I’ll be honest that it took a few days to adjust to the new lights. The new black modern farmhouse pendants are so much bigger than our glass pendants that at first I was afraid they were too big. 

farmhouse pendant lights for kitchen island
AFTER: Our modern farmhouse kitchen with our new Matte Black Dome Kitchen Pendants

After several days of the new farmhouse pendant light shades hanging in our kitchen, I love them! They really add a nice contrast to our white farmhouse kitchen. With the pendants hanging over the center of our island, they really make the kitchen stand out!

Whether you are building a new home or thinking about upgrading your existing lights, adding bold pendant lights above your kitchen island can really make a nice difference. Now I’m already thinking about what other lights I might want to update in my house 😉 Do you have any lights in your house that you would love to update? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

The Flowering Farmhouse Signature

About Destination Lighting

Destination Lighting’s commitment to excellence comes from nearly a century of brick and mortar experience. Their rich Northwest heritage dates back to 1917 when Seattle Lighting Fixture Company first opened for business. The company has expanded across Western Washington, and was later joined by Builders Lighting in Idaho, Globe Lighting in Oregon and Meletio in Texas. Now with Destination Lighting online, they are able to offer outstanding products and superior service to customers across the United States. Visit them online at destinationlighting.com.

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  1. Such a beautiful addition to your kitchen. My husband and I have had our eyes on the same pendants now for months!

    1. They are gorgeous lights! You should definitely add them to your kitchen. If you get them, I’d love to see!

  2. I am just obsessed with the ones you picked! They’re absolutely stunning! Great job Jen!

  3. Ok I just found your blog through the Destination Lighting giveaway post and I am obsessed. I love the look you created and I am going through all of your posts now! I love your ideas for pantry organization and I can’t wait to tackle my own pantry. We are moving in a couple of weeks and I totally want to replace all of the lighting that was put in by our builder because it is soooo ugly. Thanks for your fun post and linking all of the options you considered. I can’t wait to follow along on all of your future posts!

    1. Aww thank you so much Allison! Make sure you check out my post on who to notify when you move… Good luck on your move!

  4. I love the look of the farmhouse pendant lights! My daughter and son-in-law just moved into their new home and have embraced the farmhouse style throughout their home. My husband and I are having our dream retirement home built. We are embracing the farmhouse style inside and outside our home. It is being built on land that was previously owned by my grandparents where they raised 9 children, 1 being my mom. As a child, my cousins and I have great memories of running barefoot through the fields in the “tickle” grass.

  5. Thank you for sharing. Love the updated choice of pendant lights for your kitchen island!! We are thinking about doing something very similar with a modern farmhouse vibe.

  6. The new lights create contrast and change the focal point of the room, as you noted. Love the blend between Scandinavian and farmhouse styles!

  7. Your lights look beautiful! I would love to update our broken pendant light above our kitchen table and match it with a new dining room light!

  8. What a difference these lights make! Grounds the space perfectly. You have a wonderful talent!

  9. Wow what a dramatic difference! The black pops and seems to make your kitchen so much more stylish!!!

  10. I’m looking for lights for my modern country kitchen in my 1890 farmhouse. These may well be it! I’m truly partial to your “option 4”! My house was built when there was nothing but farmland all around. Over the last century, it has been engulfed by the city. As I remodel, I’m going for an updated country feel so I can forget that I live in the city when I get home after work. You can see my progress on my Instagram page! https://www.instagram.com/weefolkfan/

  11. Thanks for the great ideas to decorate a farmhouse kitchen, it is really useful and it really impressed me, I will share this article further with my friend. See more articles from you soon


  12. Where is your microwave? I’m building a new home with a kitchen layout in a similar style. I love the look of the hood over the oven, but it leaves me with placing the microwave in lower cabinets or free standing on a shelf in the pantry. On the fence with the hood for this reason!

    1. Hi Diane, we actually don’t have a microwave. For personal reasons we stopped using one over 10 years ago. If you do a microwave, I do love the look of one lower in the cabinets.

  13. Pendant lights are some of the most versatile fixtures you can incorporate into your home décor, and they have the unique ability to redefine the look and feel of a room without the need for a costly remodeling project.

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