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Why We Switched To An Organic Mattress

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With an organic mattress, I can now rest easily at night knowing that my daughter is not being exposed to harmful chemicals from her mattress. Until recently, I had no idea how many chemicals are found in a traditional mattress. When The Futon Shop reached out to me to see if we’d like to try out their organic mattresses I immediately started researching mattresses. I hope you will take the time to read this blog post to see why we switched to an organic mattress for our daughter’s bed.


The Flowering Farmhouse teamed up with The Futon Shop for this blog post. This means that I received a product in exchange for candid feedback. The opinions expressed on this blog are my own. As a result, all brands and products that I feature represent and showcase items that I personally use or like.

Traditional VS. Organic Mattresses

After The Futon Shop reached out to me, I began researching various mattresses. I was shocked to learn that traditional mattresses often contain harmful chemicals that can lead to asthma and other allergies. Studies are also finding that traditional mattresses can lead to infertility and miscarriages (source). As someone who has struggled with infertility and allergies, this really struck a chord with me. On average we spend 7-9 hours a night sleeping on our bed. My daughter spends 10-11 hours per night sleeping on a bed.

Choosing The Right Organic Mattress

Once we decided to make the switch to an organic mattress, I went on The Futon Shop’s website and began researching their various mattresses. I discovered that they have a large selection of mattresses, I have always thought of the brand as a futon company. I was also impressed that their mattresses were made in the U.S.A. in San Francisco vs another country.

We ended up selecting the Moonlight 8-Inch Certified Organic Latex Mattress. This mattress is made of quilted organic cotton and organic wool. It naturally repels moisture and has an ideal temperature control for all seasons. This mattress is also customizable so you can design it to be softer or firmer. We went with a medium-firm for our 6-year old daughter. Of course I love that this mattress is chemical free so that I do not have to worry about our daughter being exposed to any harmful toxins while she sleeps.

The Moonlight Certified Organic Latex Mattress also provides pressure relief. Many nights I find myself falling asleep on my daughter’s bed during our nighttime routine. With this new bed, I can comfortably lay down and feel relaxed. The bed is also anti-microbial and dust resistant. This particular mattress is recommended for growing children as the firmness layers are reversible.

A Good Night’s Sleep With An Organic Mattress

I will say that this mattress is very heavy due to the cotton and wool construction. Once we ordered the mattress, it arrived quickly. The mattress was rolled up in a box and delivered directly to our doorstep. 

It did take both my husband and myself to get this bed upstairs and set-up in our daughter’s room. We love it though! Since having this new mattress, our daughter has been excited to go to her own bed. Plus she’s been sleeping so well! She’s waking up happy and well rested each morning! This organic latex mattress is such a great addition to her newly updated bedroom.

Time To Upgrade My Traditional Mattress

Next I need to upgrade my husband’s and my mattress. I had no idea how many chemicals are inside a traditional mattress. I am definitely wondering if many of my own allergies and endocrine disruptors are directly related to my memory foam mattress…  Do you know what’s in your mattress?

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  1. Very interesting! I never realized that there could be harmful chemicals in mattresses. ‘Definitely great “Food for Thought!” Thank you for sharing!

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