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11 Best Places To Buy Flower Seeds Online

My Favorite Online Seed Suppliers For Your Cut Flower Farm

zinnias grown from flower seeds
A freshly harvested bucket of zinnias that were all started and grown from flower seeds.

Are you dreaming of growing your own beautiful cut flower garden this year? Have you seen your favorite flower growers and farmers on Instagram and told yourself that you’re ready to do the same? Are you ready to fill your home with fragrant and beautiful blooms all summer? If so, you may be wondering when and where to buy flower seeds?

flower seed packets on table

Believe it or not, but winter is actually the best time of year to purchase fresh seeds for your flower garden. If you are reading this in the spring, you may find that many seed companies have already sold out of the more popular seed varieties. Make sure you sign-up and subscribe to the email lists of these seed companies below so you know when their seeds go on sale!

Seed companies often release their newest seed collections and seed catalogs in January. As gardening as grown in popularity over the past few years, the demand for quality seeds has also grown. One of the most economical ways to start a flower garden and get a head start is with fresh seeds.

Buy Quality Seeds For Your Cut Flower Garden

bucket of snapdragon flowers
Snapdragon annual flowers all grown from seed at The Flowering Farmhouse

It’s important to buy quality seeds if you want to grow a beautiful flower garden. You will have higher success with your germination and also grow stronger and healthier plants in your garden when you start with premium seeds. Also, by purchasing seeds from reputable seed suppliers, you can be confident that the seeds you are planting will actually grow the correct flowers you purchased. I’ve heard horror stories of people ordering seeds from big box suppliers, only to find out that the seeds were incorrectly labeled.

My Favorite Online Annual & Perennial Flower Seed Suppliers:

Today I want to share with you my favorite seed suppliers that I personally order seeds from. While most of these seed suppliers primarily sell flower seeds, you will also find many varieties of vegetables available on these sites as well. Alright, here’s my list of my favorite and best places to buy flower seed packets:

collection of flower seedlings growing in greenhouse that were started from flower seed

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Flower Seeds?

There are many places selling flower seed packets these days. It’s important to purchase quality seeds that have high germination rates to get a good start on your garden. These are some of my favorite tried and true online seed companies that are located and ship within in the United States. I have personally bought and grown seeds from all of these companies and recommend each and every one of them for their fresh and quality seed collections.

zinnia seedlings growing in seed tray

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

  • Baker Creek offers heirloom vegetables and flower seeds for sale on their website. Founded in 1998 as a hobby, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has grown into one of North America’s largest heirloom seed companies. You will find many unique seed varieties along with free shipping and depending upon your order size, even free seeds!

Botanical Interests

  • Botanical Interests seed company has been selling high quality flower and vegetable seeds since 1995. They offer a wide selection and even offer mixed seed collections for various growing conditions. I personally love their “Grandmother’s Cut Flower Garden Mix” and have these wild flowers scattered in my daughter’s cut flower garden.

The Farmhouse Flower Farm

  • The Farmhouse Flower Farm is a small flower farm located in Stanwood, WA and is truly a family operation. They have a good selection of flowers that you can use to fill your cut flower bouquets and truly make them unique. This is my favorite place to source the best, new, and unique sweet peas. The Farmhouse Flower Farm also sells spring bulbs and dahlia tubers.

Johnny’s Seeds

  • Johnny’s Seeds sells annual flower seeds for both home and commercial growers. You will find a wide range of products ranging from cover crop to vegetable garden seeds to biennial seeds to tons of annual flowers. Johnny’s also sells farm and greenhouse tools and supplies. I buy the majority of my bulk seeds from Johnny’s as they offer a wide range of flower seed.

Renee’s Garden

  • Renee’s Garden offers new, exciting, and unusual vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, including heirloom varieties. I have personally grown many of their sweet peas and vegetable seeds over the years. All seeds are Non-GMO. You can also find organic seeds, heirloom, and many hybrid varieties on their website.

Seed Saver’s Exchange

  • Seed Saver’s Exchange preserves, distributes, and shares a collection of more than 20,000 rare and heirloom seed varieties. All sales from their website support non profit work. One of my favorite seeds from them is the Bee’s Friend flower seed packet, it attracts bees and other beneficial insects to the garden and makes a great bouquet filler!

Select Seeds

  • Select Seeds offers an extensive and beautifully curated collections of quality flower seeds and plants. They specialize in offering heirloom flowers, fragrant flowers, open-pollinated annuals, bee-friendly seeds, along with rare annuals and perennials. I purchased my original scented geranium plants from Select Seeds.

Swallowtail Seeds

  • Swallowtail Seeds offers annual and perennial flower seeds along with flowering vines, herbs and vegetable seeds. You will find a great selection of premium quality seeds for growing in your own garden. Swallowtail Seeds is one of my favorite sources for home gardeners.

Territorial Seed Co.

  • Territorial Seed Company is another great family-owned and operated seed company that I purchase flower seeds as well as organic vegetable seeds from. With over 40 years of hands-on growing experience and a dedicated 75-acre trial, research and production farm, this is a great place to find many quality seed varieties.

Uprising Seeds

  • Uprising Seeds is a small, family-run certified organic seed farm. 100% of the seeds on this site are from U.S. farms with organic practices. Uprising Seeds is opposed to GMO’s and they are focused on rebuilding a healthy food system for all. If you are looking for organic flower seeds, be sure to check out Uprising Seeds. They even have a great selection of edible flowers.

West Coast Seeds

  • West Coast Seeds is a family run seed company offering non-GMO organic seeds for both home growers as well as farmers. You will also find a large selection of garden supplies ranging from composting tools to hand tools to seed trays and soil amendments. I am personally excited to grow the Mont Blanc Lavetra seeds I ordered from them this year!

Where To Buy The Best Sweet Pea Seeds:

harvest of sweet peas laying on the ground

Sweet peas are one of my favorite fragrant flowers. These annual flower seeds bloom in the late spring and early summer. Their fragrance is hard to beat. Here are a few of my favorite sweet pea flower seed retailers in the United States:

Ardelia Farm & Co.

  • Ardelia Farm is a small, local cut flower farm in Vermont. They specialize in growing over 80 varieties of sweet peas. Their sweet pea collection is available through their storefront and sells out quickly. They also have an excellent Sweet Pea Growing Guide on their site that I highly recommend reading.

The Farmhouse Flower Farm

  • The Farmhouse Flower Farm is a Washington based, family-run business that grows the most beautiful sweet peas and dahlias! Marryn from The Farmhouse Flower Farm sells many of her fragrant and heirloom varieties of sweet peas through their annual seed sale. You can also sign up online for Marryn’s Sweet Pea School. I took her course in January of 2021 and I learned so much about growing sweet peas, I highly recommend!

Johnny’s Seeds

  • Johnny’s Seeds offers a small collection of sweet peas that you can purchase in packets as well as bulk seeds.

Select Seeds

Swallowtail Seeds

Sweet Pea Gardens

  • Sweet Pea Gardens is a cut flower farm in Southwest Washington. They primarily focus on growing fragrant and heirloom sweet peas. With over 30 varieties of sweet peas to choose from, you’re sure to find some enchanting sweet pea varieties for your own cutting garden.

Don’t Forget To Visit Your Local Garden Center For Buying Flower Seeds

Many local garden centers sell organic and heirloom seeds. I’ve also found some of my favorite and best growing perennial flowers at my local garden nursery. Your local nursery will also know what grows best in your growing zone and climate. By visiting your local garden center, you may also be able to connect with other local garden enthusiasts. Plus, you’ll be supporting a family-run business in your community!

Last Year’s Flower Seeds Can Be A Great Deal

Sometimes you can find great deals on last year’s flower seeds when seed companies make space for the coming year’s seeds. I often buy garden seeds for the next year in the fall. It’s a great way to get some of your flower seeds at a discounted price! Once I receive them, I store them in a ziplock bag in my freezer until I’m ready to plant the seeds.

Time To Get Your Flower Seeds Ordered

I hope you found this list helpful. These are all companies that I have personally been supporting through my own backyard cutting garden and our flower farm. My hope is to encourage you as well as future generations to grow your own flower garden. If you are just getting started with a cut flower garden, but sure to check out my post here.

Jennifer from The Flowering Farmhouse harvesting cosmos in her cut flower field

This winter I will be adding to my collection of YouTube instructional videos by creating new planting guides to help you get started with your flower seeds. If you have any questions or any content you’d like me to cover, please feel free to leave a comment below OR email me at hello@thefloweringfarmhouse.com. And as always, if you found this guide to buying seeds online helpful, please take a moment to PIN it to Pinterest so others can also find this resource.

Happy Gardening!

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