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Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide

Practical Gift Ideas For The Home Gardener

Looking for the perfect gift for a garden lover? Check out our 16 Christmas gift ideas for the home gardener.

Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite gifts for the home gardener. In this Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide, you’ll find a range of holiday gift ideas ranging from stocking stuffers to a lifetime subscription of flowers! If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves flowers or to garden, you’ve come to the right place.

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For your shopping convenience some of the below gift ideas are affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission on sales at no extra cost to you.  

Set of 3 Botanica Journals

You can never have too many notebooks! These pretty Botanica Journals are perfect for keeping a garden journal or planting log!

Mason Jar Flower Grid Lid

These mason jar lids are a total game changer for making bouquets! Simply screw this grid onto your favorite mason jar and design a simple yet stunning bouquet in minutes! Anyone with a cutting garden needs these mason jar lids!

Landscapers Hori Hori Hand Tool

This handy tool will become a favorite for your home gardener. Not only does this hand tool make planting small plants super easy, it’s also great for cutting out weeds. This multi-purpose garden tool is the perfect stocking stuffer for your Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide!

Garden Gloves Glass Ornament

Looking for the perfect holiday ornament for a garden lover? Give this cute glass garden gloves ornament. Perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer!

Happy Happy Houseplant

Happy Happy Houseplant fertilizer would make a great gift for any home gardener who loves plants! This plant food provides indoor plants with all the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. I can’t believe the difference in my plants since using this plant food.

We Are The Gardeners by Joanna Gaines

Perhaps one of my favorite children’s books. This book by Joanna Gaines will inspire even the youngest gardeners.

Blooms & Dreams by Misha Gillingham

Blooms & Dreams was written by my friend Misha Gillingham. This book will inspire readers from all walks of life to consider building a life centered around wellness, giving, and a connection to the land, be it a small patio garden or an entire farm. A lovely coffee table book for any garden lover.

Containers In The Garden by Claus Dalby

Danish floral designer Claus Dalby shares his signature container gardening style in this gorgeously illustrated bookHis distinctive use of a single plant species in each pot, with dozens of planted pots collected together, creates elegant and eye-catching garden displays. Partnered with an abundance of textures and often a monochromatic color palette, Claus’s container gardens change with the seasons. By combining flower and foliage colors with beautiful pottery and layered displays, the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

Wooden Dibbler

The perfect stocking stuffer for any gardener! This handy tool lets you plant seeds and bulbs at the correct planting depth.

Custom Garden Mug

This garden mug is the perfect gift for any gardener! You can even customize the hair color and on the back you can put the recipient’s name on the “potting shed.”

Garden Seed Box

A perfectly sized box for storing your gardening seed packets, supplies, and tools in an organized and stylish way that keeps them dry and safe. You could even surprise someone by pre-filling the box with flower seed packets!

Garden Carry All Basket

This garden basket is perfect for harvesting vegetables and flowers in the garden! Perfect for any backyard gardener!

Power Planter Home Gardener Starter Pack

This garden starter pack is the perfect gift for any home gardener wanting to plant bulbs. The plant auger significantly reduces planting time and makes digging holes a breeze!

C.S.A. Subscription To Local Flower Farm

Who doesn’t love receiving fresh flowers? Now is a great time to purchase a gift certificate from your local flower farm! (Click here to locate a local flower farm near you) At The Flowering Farmhouse we have gift certificates available for our 2023 Spring Flower C.S.A.’s. Give a gift certificate this holiday season so your loved one can enjoy fresh, locally grown flowers this coming spring or summer!

Leather Garden Tool Belt

A leather garden tool belt is the perfect gift for anyone with a cut flower garden. This sturdy tool belt features pockets that safely keep your phone, scissors, and small garden tools. I wear my tool belt in the garden daily!

Lifetime Membership to BloomTV Network

I’m a big believer in that everyone should enjoy a life that is full of inspiration, love, connection, and of course…flowers. 

That’s why as a special holiday offer, I would like to offer you a BloomTV Lifetime Membership at a special discounted rate. On BloomTV you will find videos from yours truly, as well as hundreds of other Experts, who all share ways to incorporate flowers into your every day.

I hope this home gardener’s holiday gift guide was helpful! Do you have a favorite garden gift that I left off? Comment below and let me know.

Thanks for taking your time to check out my Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide! Happy Holidays!

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Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for a garden lover? Check out our 16 Christmas gift ideas for the home gardener.

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  1. What a fantastic list of gift ideas for garden lovers! The Mason Jar Flower Grid Lid sounds like a game-changer for creating beautiful bouquets, and I’m intrigued by the Landscapers Hori Hori Hand Tool – multitasking tools are always a win! I’ve also found that incorporating a DIY garden-themed calendar with personalized planting tips for each month could be an extra touch. Have you ever tried gifting something handmade like that? Thanks, Mike

    1. I had a calendar a few years ago. I’ve definitely thought about bringing one back.

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