Episode 2: Blooming Into Joy

How Cut Flowers Can Heal and Inspire With Kara Jamison


🌸 New Podcast Alert: Cultivating Joy and Healing Through Flowers 🌸

As the host of the Backyard Bouquet Podcast, I have the pleasure of engaging with some of the most passionate and knowledgeable individuals in the world of flowers. Our latest episode with my friend, the delightful Kara Jamison of Blooming Joy Flower Company is no exception. Here are three key takeaways from today’s episode that resonated with me and I believe will inspire you too:

1. Flowers as a Catalyst for Healing and Joy

Kara’s journey into flower farming began as a tribute to her late mother, Joy, and has blossomed into a mission to spread happiness through blooms. Her story is a powerful reminder that gardens can be sanctuaries of solace and regeneration. Whether you’re grieving, celebrating, or simply seeking a connection with nature, the act of growing and nurturing flowers can be profoundly therapeutic.

2. Education and Sharing Knowledge is Key

Kara’s transition from backyard gardener to a leader in the cut flower industry underscores the importance of sharing knowledge. From soil blocking to seed sowing, her willingness to document her journey and educate others through digital guides and social media is a testament to the community’s collaborative spirit. Aspiring gardeners and seasoned florists alike can find value in the shared wisdom of the flower farming community.

3. Start Small and Dream Big

One of the most encouraging pieces of advice from Kara is to start small with your garden. She recommends beginning with easy-to-grow flowers like zinnias, cosmos, and sunflowers. This approach not only builds confidence but also allows for growth and experimentation over time. Kara’s own expansion from a few flower types to over 75 varieties in just five years is proof that with patience and passion, your floral dreams can take root and flourish.

🎧 Tune in to this heartwarming episode to dive deeper into Kara’s story and gather insights that could help your garden—and your community—bloom. Whether you’re a budding gardener or a seasoned pro, there’s always more to learn and love in the world of local flowers.

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  1. I just finished listening to your second podcast. I enjoyed hearing Kara’s story and her love for flowers. I just wish this was available in video as well as audio. Kara mentioned various flowers she loves to grow, but I am not familiar with the names. It would be fun to actually see the various varieties! Nice, very professional presentation! I enjoyed listening; thank you!

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