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The 10+ Best Cut Flower Podcasts To Listen To Now

Inspiring and educational cut flower podcasts to help your garden grow.

cut flower podcasts to listen to now

Isn’t it incredible how a simple love of flowers connects us to a whole world of fellow enthusiasts, from the local growers down the road to the flower farmers across the globe? I’ve got to tell you, there’s something magical about popping in my earbuds and diving into a cut flower podcast while I’m out in the garden or inside the greenhouse sowing seeds.

Listening to cut flower podcasts is like hanging out with friends, really. These podcasts are filled with colorful chats that make me laugh, think, and sometimes have those “aha” moments. They’re not just fun; they give me a sneak peek into the latest trends, some seriously fun tips, and insider knowledge that’s like gold in our world of growing cut flowers.

Why Listen To Cut Flower Podcasts

Why listen to cut flower podcasts, you ask? Picture this: You’re out there, hands in the dirt, surrounded by nature’s beauty, and you’re learning, growing, and connecting with the floral community through stories and experiences shared by people who get it, who live it. It’s about being part of this beautiful, growing community, where every podcast episode feels like a coffee date with your flower friends.

So, let’s dive into growing flowers together, shall we? Discover new ideas, get inspired by the latest trends, and maybe even make a few new friends along the way. It’s all about sharing the love, the struggles, and the triumphs of being part of the cut flower growing community. And trust me, it’s a journey worth taking, one podcast episode at a time.

Here Are My Top 10+ Favorite Cut Flower Podcasts To Listen To (In No Particular Order):

Slow Flowers Podcast: Blossoming Conversations with Debra Prinzing

Let me introduce you to the Slow Flowers Podcast with the amazing Debra Prinzing. If you haven’t tuned into this gem, you’re in for a treat. Debra is like the fairy godmother of the flower world, guiding us through the realm of American-grown flowers with grace and wisdom.

The Slow Flowers Podcast isn’t just any show; it’s a celebration of local, sustainable, and heartfelt flower farming. Debra chats with a variety of guests, from innovative flower farmers to creative floral designers, each sharing their journey and love for flowers. It’s like sitting in on a cozy conversation filled with insider secrets, laughter, and learning.

What I absolutely adore about this podcast is how it feels like you’re part of a community, a family of flower lovers who cherish the beauty and importance of locally grown flowers. Debra has this soothing voice and a knack for asking just the right questions, making each episode feel like a warm hug.

And let’s talk fun tips and latest trends—Debra’s on the pulse of what’s happening in the floral industry! Debra brings fresh ideas and thoughtful discussions to the table. Whether you’re a seasoned flower farmer or just starting to get your fingers dirty in your flower garden beds, there’s something in each episode for you.

So, why not join this colorful journey and tune into the Slow Flowers Podcast? It’s more than just a listen; it’s an experience that connects us with the roots and the blossoms of our future in the floral world. Trust me, you’ll feel right at home with Debra and her flower friends, sharing stories and growing together in this beautiful floral community.

No-Till Flowers Podcast: Where Soil Meets Soul

Ever heard of the No-Till Flowers Podcast? Oh, you’re in for a treat! Jennie Love of Love and Fresh Flowers is like the cool, eco-conscious friend we all wish we had in our flower farming journey. Her podcast, No-Till Flowers, is all about digging deep—literally and figuratively—into the practices that help our gardens thrive without disturbing the peace of the soil.

Jennie’s not just talking about growing flowers; she’s revolutionizing the way we think about farming them. With her hands in the earth and her heart in the community, she shares insights that are as nurturing as they are enlightening. This podcast is a goldmine of fun tips, from how to keep your soil healthy and happy (without turning it upside down) to creating a blooming haven that’s as kind to the earth as it is beautiful.

But it’s not just Jennie’s wisdom that makes this podcast a must-listen. She brings in guests from all corners of the farming community, each one sharing their journey, challenges, and triumphs in no-till farming. It’s like sitting down with a group of friends who are as passionate about sustainable flower farming as you are.

Listening to No-Till Flowers, you can’t help but feel part of something bigger—a community of flower farmers committed to nurturing the land as much as their crops. Jennie and her guests offer that insider knowledge that can only come from years of hands-in-the-dirt experience, combined with the latest trends in sustainable agriculture.

The No-Till Flowers Podcast is your go-to source for all things sustainable and floral. It’s not just about growing flowers; it’s about growing a movement. And trust me, you’ll want to be part of it!

Let’s Grow Girls Podcast: Sprouting Joy and Empowerment in Every Episode

Get ready to meet your new best garden pals, Sarah and Nicole, on the “Let’s Grow Girls Podcast.” This show is like a breath of fresh air, brimming with laughter, stories, and, of course, tons of flower knowledge. It’s where the love of blooms meets the spirit of sisterhood, making every listener feel right at home among flower friends.

Hosted by a dynamic duo who are just as passionate about peonies as they are about empowering fellow female growers, this podcast is a celebration of all things cut flowers. From the tiniest seedlings to the most majestic bouquets, they cover it all, sharing fun tips and tricks that make gardening feel like a fun adventure rather than a chore.

But “Let’s Grow Girls” is more than just a gardening show; it’s a platform for inspiring women in the floral industry. These ladies dive into the insider knowledge that only comes from years of hands-in-the-dirt experience, mixed with a hefty dose of latest trends and innovations. They chat with guests from around the world, offering unique perspectives and education that enrich your gardening soul.

Every episode feels like catching up with friends over a cup of tea, except you’re getting smarter and more inspired with each sip—or listen, in this case. Whether you’re a newbie to the world of cut flowers or a seasoned grower, this podcast has something for everyone, delivered with a genuine warmth and enthusiasm that’s infectious.

So, why not join the growing community of “Let’s Grow Girls”? It’s where you can learn, laugh, and cultivate not just your garden, but also your passion for flowers. After all, in the world of “Let’s Grow Girls,” every day is a good day to plant something beautiful.

Field & Garden Podcast: Cultivating Success with Lisa Mason Ziegler

Step into Lisa Mason Ziegler’s garden of wisdom with the “Field & Garden Podcast,” where every episode is a journey into the heart of gardening and farming. Lisa, with her years of experience and a nurturing touch, makes you feel like you’re walking through the fields with an old friend, one who knows exactly what it takes to make things bloom beautifully and sustainably.

This podcast is a treasure trove of fun tips and solid, insider knowledge that Lisa has cultivated over the years. She’s not just sharing how to grow; she’s teaching you how to thrive as a flower farmer. From the nitty-gritty of soil health to the joy of harvesting your first bouquet, Lisa covers it all, bringing the latest trends and timeless wisdom to your ears.

But what really makes the “Field & Garden Podcast” stand out is Lisa’s connection with the floral community. She brings together local growers, flower farmers, and other experts in the field, creating colorful chats that are as informative as they are heartwarming. It’s like being part of a growing community where everyone is welcomed with open arms and a bunch of fresh-picked flowers.

Listening to Lisa, you’re not just learning about plants; you’re discovering the rhythms of nature and how to synchronize with them in your gardening practice. It’s about getting back to the basics, but with a fresh, modern perspective that’s aligned with today’s eco-conscious mindset.

So, whether you’re out in the field sowing seeds or in your cozy nook planning the next season’s garden, tuning into the “Field & Garden Podcast” is like having a mentor and friend guiding you along the way. With Lisa’s cheerful guidance and practical advice, you’re sure to grow not just a garden, but a thriving haven that reflects your love and hard work.

The Flower Podcast: Blooming Conversations with Scott Shepherd

Plug in your headphones and get ready for a deep dive into the world of flowers with Scott Shepherd on “The Flower Podcast.” Scott’s like the friend who knows everyone and everything about flowers and isn’t shy to share. Each episode is a journey into the stories, techniques, and secrets that make the floral world so endlessly fascinating.

Scott has this amazing knack for getting his guests to open up about their floral journeys, sharing not just the how-tos but the heartfelt whys behind their passion for flowers. It’s this blend of fun tips, insider knowledge, and personal stories that makes “The Flower Podcast” a must-listen for anyone touched by the beauty of blooms.

But what truly sets this podcast apart is Scott’s ability to spotlight the latest trends alongside timeless traditions, making it a treasure trove for floral enthusiasts. Whether you’re a professional florist, a flower farmer, or just someone who loves to fill their home with fresh blooms, there’s something here for you.

Scott brings together a diverse array of voices from the industry, from local growers to internationally renowned designers, creating colorful chats that feel like you’re sitting in on a conversation among friends. So, if you’re looking to be educated and entertained, all while deepening your love and understanding of flowers, give “The Flower Podcast” a listen. Scott’s warm, engaging style and the wealth of knowledge shared by his guests will surely enrich your floral journey.

Seed Talk with Lisa & Layne: Sowing Seeds of Knowledge and Fun

“Seed Talk with Lisa & Layne,” feels like a new adventure into the world of growing flowers from the ground up—literally! Lisa and Layne are like those savvy, garden-loving friends you wish you could chat with every day. They’re here to dish out the dirt on all things seeds, sharing their experiences, tips, and laughter along the way.

These ladies have a way of making even the science of seed starting feel like a fun day in the garden. They mix practical advice with insider knowledge, making each podcast episode a treasure chest of gardening gold.

But “Seed Talk” isn’t just about seeds; it’s about the stories and passions of the people who plant and grow them. The podcast also interviews fellow cut flower farmers and horticulture experts.

Listening to Lisa and Layne feels like catching up with old friends over a cup of coffee, except you’re getting smarter about seeds and gardening with every sip. They bring the latest trends to the table, serving them up with a side of fun and friendship that’s as refreshing as a morning in the garden.

So, whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting to dip your toes into the soil, “Seed Talk with Lisa & Layne” is your go-to podcast for laughs, learning, and all things seeds. Join them as they sow the seeds of knowledge and fun, helping you grow your own cut flower garden.

The Dirt on Flowers: Cultivating Success in the Flower Farming Business

“The Dirt on Flowers” isn’t just about planting and growing; it’s a deep dive into the business side of flower farming. This podcast peels back the petals to reveal the core of what it takes to succeed in the cut flower industry, from the earthy basics of growing to the polished strategies of marketing.

At the heart of the podcast is a practical approach to the cut flower business. Whether discussing the latest trends in floral design or the nitty-gritty of market sales, “The Dirt on Flowers” equips you with the fun tips and insider knowledge essential for turning a passion for flowers into a thriving enterprise.

Each episode is packed with valuable insights into the economics of flower farming, offering advice on everything from cost-effective growing practices to innovative marketing techniques. The podcast shines a spotlight on the entrepreneurial spirit of the floral community, featuring guests who share their journey of growing cut flowers.

Listening to “The Dirt on Flowers” is like attending a masterclass in flower farm management. It’s where aspiring and established flower farmers alike can learn the keys to cultivating a successful business model. The podcast creates a vibrant space for flower friends and local growers to exchange ideas, strategies, and experiences, fostering a community of shared growth and success.

So, if you’re looking to get the real dirt on how to make your flower farm thrive, tune into “The Dirt on Flowers.” Here, you’ll discover how to blend the art of gardening with the science of business, ensuring your flower farm not only grows but prospers in the colorful world of cut flower farming.

The Cut Flower Podcast: Blossoming Business Insights with Host Roz Chandler

“The Cut Flower Podcast” is where Roz Chandler shares the secrets to not just growing flowers, but growing a successful cut flower business. Roz’s podcast is a treasure trove of information, blending practical gardening advice with invaluable business insights, perfect for anyone looking to turn their floral passion into a profitable venture.

With Roz at the helm, she delves into the essentials of cultivation, from soil preparation to harvest techniques. Roz also uncovering the business side of things, including marketing strategies and customer engagement. It’s the perfect mix for aspiring and experienced flower farmers seeking to enhance their knowledge and business acumen.

If you’re passionate about flowers and dream of making your mark in the cut flower industry, “The Cut Flower Podcast” with Roz Chandler is your go-to resource. Here, you’ll find the perfect blend of fun tips, insider knowledge, and the latest trends, all designed to help you and your flower business bloom.

Between Me And Drew: Heartfelt Stories from Clara Joyce Flower Farm

“Between Me And Drew The Podcast” is like a fresh bouquet of stories, wisdom, and inspiration, straight from the heart of Clara Joyce Flower Farm. Hosted by Drew, this podcast is a personal journey through the life of a flower farmer, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into the daily joys and challenges of growing beautiful blooms.

Drew’s conversational style makes you feel right at home, as if you’re strolling through the flower fields together, chatting about everything from soil health to the intricacies of floral design. Each episode is a mix of personal anecdotes, practical advice, and insights into the flower farming lifestyle, making it a uniquely relatable and educational listen.

What sets “Between Me And Drew” apart is the genuine passion and love for flowers that Drew shares. It’s not just about the how-to of flower farming; it’s about creating a connection with nature, the flowers, and the community. Drew brings in guests from various facets of the cut flower industry, expanding the conversation to include diverse perspectives and experiences, enriching the listener’s understanding and appreciation of the industry.

The “Between Me And Drew” podcast not only educates but inspires. Drew reminding us of the beauty and fulfillment that comes from cultivating flowers and relationships in the floral community.

Local Flowers: Blooming Conversations with Rechelle of Freckled Bloom Flower Farm

Dive into the flower farming world of “Local Flowers” where Rechelle, from Freckled Bloom Flower Farm, brings the essence of local growing right to your ears. This podcast is a celebration of community, showcasing the importance and beauty of sourcing and growing flowers locally.

With each episode, Rechelle invites you into her world, where local growers are the stars of the show. In this podcast, she delves into the joys and challenges of local flower farming. This podcast provides a space where listeners can connect with the roots of their passion, learning about the journey of blooms from soil to vase.

“Local Flowers” features guests from the local cut flower industry, all sharing their experiences and love for locally grown flowers. These conversations illuminate the diversity and strength of the local floral movement, offering listeners knowledge and inspiration.

Rechelle’s warm, engaging style makes you feel like you’re catching up with an old friend. She’s a flower friend, who’s as passionate about sustainable and community-focused gardening as you are. The podcast is a trove of fun tips, insider knowledge, and the latest trends in local flower farming.

For anyone fascinated by the idea of local flower farming or looking to deepen their connection with the local floral community, “Local Flowers” with Rechelle is a great resource. It’s a podcast that not only educates but also inspires, fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness among flower friends.

The Backyard Bouquet Podcast: Where Cut Flower Stories Flourish

The Backyard Bouquet Podcast,” hosted by Jennifer Gulizia from The Flowering Farmhouse, is where stories bloom in every episode. Rooted in local flower fields and home gardens, this podcast is a vibrant garden of narratives, cultivating wisdom and joy through the shared experiences of flower farmers and backyard gardeners alike.

Each week, Jennifer weaves together heartfelt journeys, offering listeners a glimpse into the world of cut flowers, where every bloom tells a story. “The Backyard Bouquet” serves as fertile ground for heartwarming tales and expert growing advice. Listeners not only feel inspired to nurture their own cut flowers, but to also support the local flower movement.

Each episode features a special guest from the cut flower industry. The podcast showcases a spectrum of voices, from master gardeners to inspiring flower farmers. These stories not only provide valuable insights and tips for growing cut flowers but also knit together a community of like-minded individuals passionate about the floral world.

“The Backyard Bouquet Podcast” is a must-listen for those looking to deepen their connection with the art and soul of cut flower growing. By bridging personal narratives with practical guidance, it aims to inspire more people to grow cut flowers, enriching the community fabric with every shared experience and blossoming story.

10+ Cut flower podcasts to listen to now

A Blooming List Of Inspiring Cut Flower Podcasts

This list is truly like the heart of our cut flower community. These podcasts are a place where flower farmers, gardeners, and floral creatives come together to share their love and knowledge of growing and arranging fresh flowers. Each podcast we’ve featured in this list is like a weekly catch-up with a special guest, someone who really gets what it means to be part of this blooming world.

You know that you’re in the right place if your heart beats faster at the sight of local flowers or if you dream of your very own cut flower garden. These podcasts are like your backstage pass to the floral industry, showing you the ropes, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro.

Your Go-To Guide For Cut Flower Podcasts

Think of these weekly podcasts as your go-to guide, where every episode is a chance to meet new flower friends and learn from the best cut flower growers out there. They’re the voices that inspire us, teach us, and remind us why we fell in love with the world of flowers in the first place.

So, whether you’re knee-deep in soil, or just daydreaming about your future cut flower garden, let these podcasts be the soundtrack to your floral journey. They’re more than just stories and tips. They’re a bridge to a community that shares your passion, a community that’s waiting to welcome you with open arms and of course a bunch of fresh blooms ;).

Cut Flower Podcasts Making The World Better One Bloom At A Time

Here’s to growing together, one podcast episode at a time. Let’s make our world a little more beautiful, one flower at a time.

So there you have it, the must-listen podcasts for anyone who loves local flowers. Now, please don’t let your floral journey end here. Go hit ‘follow’ on your favorite podcast platform to keep up with these incredible shows. Every episode promises a new story, a fresh tip, or a piece of wisdom waiting to be discovered.

Spread This Cut Flower Podcast List To Keep The Community Blooming

But why keep all this floral goodness to yourself? Please share this list with a garden friend, or better yet, with your whole flower-loving crew. Together let’s spread the joy of local flowers, helping the floral community bloom even brighter.

Alright, grab your gardening gloves and your headphones, and dive into the world of cut flower podcasts. There’s a whole community out there waiting to grow with you, one episode at a time. Let’s make every listen a step towards a more beautiful, flower-filled world.

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