Embracing the Beauty of Flowers

Ep.18 Capturing the Beauty of Flowers With Jess Buttermore of Cedar House Living

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to overlook the simple joys that nature has to offer. However, one woman has made it her mission to remind us of the beauty that surrounds us every day. Jess Buttermore, the creative force behind Cedar House Living, has dedicated her life to cultivating a deep connection with flowers and herbs, and she invites us to do the same.


Meet Jess Buttermore of Cedar House Living

In this episode we are joined by Jess Buttermore, of Cedar House Living. Jess is a dedicated homesteader, published author, and passionate advocate for incorporating flowers and herbs into daily life in a mindful way. Located in the picturesque mountains outside of Seattle, Washington, Jess has cultivated a small three-acre farm that serves as a sanctuary for botanical enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

Understanding the Language of Flowers

Jess Buttermore shares her journey from a photographer to a flower farmer, emphasizing the importance of capturing the beauty of flowers through understanding light and using smartphone photography techniques. She discusses the significance of shooting in RAW format and utilizing editing apps like InShot to enhance flower photos.

The Love Language of Flowers

Jess introduces her book, “The Love Language of Flowers,” co-authored with Lisa McGinnis. The book delves into the history of floriography, providing a toolbox of skills for creating meaningful floral arrangements. Jess explains the glossaries of flowers by name, meanings, and seasonal availability, allowing readers to craft personalized arrangements for various occasions.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Flowers

As Mother’s Day approaches, Jess shares insights from her book on creating a special Mother’s Day arrangement. She highlights the meanings of flowers like tulips, daffodils, and roses, symbolizing love, admiration, and grace. Jess also discusses the significance of incorporating flowers like peony and hellebore in floral arrangements to convey messages of strength, dignity, and everlasting commitment.

Seasonal Living with Herbs

Jess provides a sneak peek into her newly released book, “Seasonal Living with Herbs,” focusing on herb gardening and integrating herbs into everyday life. The book guides readers on seed starting, container gardening, and creating themed herb gardens. Jess emphasizes the importance of blending herbs into seasonal living and utilizing them for culinary, medicinal, and aromatic purposes.

Conclusion: Embracing The Beauty Of Flowers

In this episode of the Backyard Bouquet Podcast, Jess Buttermore shares her passion for flowers and herbs, offering valuable insights into the language of flowers, creating meaningful arrangements, and cultivating herb gardens. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a flower enthusiast, Jess’s expertise and creativity shine through, inspiring listeners to connect with nature through the beauty of botanicals. We hope you’ll embrace the beauty of flowers.

Tune in to the Backyard Bouquet Podcast for more heartwarming tales, expert advice on cut flower growing, and captivating stories from flower farmers and gardeners. Let your backyard bloom with the wisdom and joy of flowers!

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

00:02:55 – Introduction of Jess Buttermore and Cedar House Living
00:08:02 – Importance of watching light for photography
00:14:31 – Tips for taking better pictures of flowers in gardens
00:31:41 -“The Love Language of Flowers” book
00:35:07 – Meaning of flowers in “The Love Language of Flowers” book
00:41:24 – Mother’s Day arrangements
00:47:37 – Personal favorite flowers and their meanings
00:51:31 – “Seasonal Living with Herbs”

Learn more about Jess Butterfield & Cedar House Living:

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