Cherry Garden’s Backyard Cut Flower Farm

Ep.19: From Allotment to Backyard Cut Flower Farm: Nicole’s Flower Growing Journey


In this episode of the Backyard Bouquet Podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Nicole from Cherry Garden and the Let’s Grow Girls podcast. Nicole shares her inspiring journey from starting with a small U.K. allotment to transforming her backyard into a beautiful cut flower haven.

Nicole’s passion for sustainable and plastic-free flower farming shines through as she shares her experiences of transitioning from a supermarket flower shopper to a micro flower farmer. Juggling her flower farming endeavors with life with her hens and pugs, Nicole’s dedication to creating a floral-filled life is truly admirable.

We delve into Nicole’s decision to move from her allotment to her backyard cut flower farm, a decision that was sparked by a desire for more joy and convenience in her gardening experience. The challenges she faced at the allotment, including weed pressure and brambles, led her to make the switch, which has brought back the joy and excitement of growing flowers.

Pictured here: Nicole’s allotment garden in the winter before deciding to move her farm to her backyard.

Nicole shares her favorite flowers, including the beloved Cafè au Lait dahlia and the mesmerizing ball-shaped dahlias. She also discussed her love for sweet peas, roses, and tulips, highlighting the beauty and magic of each flower variety.

Nicole’s dedication to sustainable and joyful flower farming is truly inspiring, and her insights and experiences are sure to resonate with flower enthusiasts and aspiring growers alike. Don’t miss out on Nicole’s inspiring journey and valuable insights! Tune in to the full episode on the Backyard Bouquet Podcast.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Nicole’s Flower Growing Journey
  • 00:05:30 – Growing Sweet Peas
  • 00:08:34 – Nicole’s First Year of Flower Growing
  • 00:11:46 – The Joy of Growing and Sharing Flowers
  • 00:13:06 – The Impact of Gardening During Lockdown
  • 00:16:07 – Moving from Allotment to Backyard Gardening
  • 00:23:38 – The Beauty of Lilacs and Daffodils
  • 00:25:07 – Favorite Sweet Pea Varieties
  • 00:28:30 – Sourcing Sweet Peas in the UK
  • 00:31:21 – Transitioning Roses from Allotment to Backyard
  • 00:36:11 – Favorite Flowers: Dahlias and Sweet Peas
  • 00:42:52 – Strengthening Dahlia Stems with Calcium
  • 00:44:38 – Decision to Move Flower Growing to Backyard

Learn more about Nicole and Cherry Garden

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