Farmer-Florist Heather Staten

Ep.23: Flower Farming And Sustainable Floral Design: An Interview with Farmer-Florist Heather Staten

Farmer-Florist Heather Staten joins us in Episode 23 for a conversatino about Flower Farming and Sustainable Floral Design.

Heather Staten, the owner of Heather’s Flower Farm in Hood River, Oregon, is a true testament to the magic of cultivation and the love for the earth. From her humble beginnings as an avid gardener to now growing over 250 varieties of flowers and foliage on her family’s 18-acre property, Heather’s journey as a farmer-florist is both inspiring and heartwarming.

The Blossoming of a Flower Farmer

Heather’s passion for gardening and flowers began at a young age, inspired by her parents’ vegetable gardens and her English mother-in-law’s expertise in gardening. It was through a serendipitous Google search on cut flowers that Heather discovered the world of cut flower farming and fell down the rabbit hole of floral cultivation. Starting with just a few rows of cut flowers, Heather’s farm has now expanded to an acre under production, showcasing her commitment to sustainability and locally grown blooms.

Cultivating Joy Through Flowers

Heather’s Flower Farm is a true family endeavor, with her husband, Ben, and children, Lottie and Jake, actively involved in the farm’s operations. Their dedication to sustainable farming practices, such as no-till techniques and natural fertilizers, ensures that their fields are not only bursting with blooms but also buzzing with life from bees to beneficial insects. Heather’s focus on reducing the floral industry’s carbon footprint by providing locally grown flowers as an alternative to imported blooms sets her farm apart in the industry.

A Bouquet of Business Ventures

Heather’s Flower Farm caters to a diverse clientele, with approximately 60% of their business dedicated to weddings and events. From DIY bucket subscriptions to full-service weddings, Heather’s commitment to offering unique and seasonal blooms shines through in every arrangement. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for floristry, Heather and her team create stunning floral designs that reflect the beauty of the seasons and the land.

Blooming Through the Seasons

Heather’s farm boasts a wide variety of perennials and annuals, providing a continuous supply of blooms throughout the year. From tulips and daffodils in the spring to dahlias and lilies in the summer, Heather’s farm showcases the beauty and diversity of seasonal flowers. Her meticulous planning and succession planting ensure a steady supply of fresh blooms for her CSA bouquet subscriptions and wedding clients.

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

Heather’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond her farming practices to her business model. By forgoing the use of floral foam and opting for eco-friendly alternatives like chicken wire, Heather prioritizes environmental consciousness in her floral designs. Her emphasis on locally grown flowers and minimal waste practices underscores her dedication to reducing the environmental impact of the floral industry.

A Floral Symphony of Joy

Heather’s Flower Farm is not just a place of cultivation but a sanctuary of joy and beauty. Through her passion for flowers and sustainable farming, Heather invites others to connect with the seasons, the land, and the beauty of nature. Her dedication to providing locally grown blooms and creating stunning floral arrangements is a testament to the transformative power of flowers in our lives.

Tune in to Let Your Backyard Bloom

From Heather’s journey as a gardener turned flower farmer to her commitment to sustainability and the beauty of locally grown flowers, Heather’s story is a true inspiration for all flower enthusiasts.

Join us this week to listen to the full episode and immerse yourself in the magic of Heather’s Flower Farm. Discover the artistry of being a farmer-florist, gain valuable insights into successful cut flower growing, and explore the beauty of foraging for natural elements in floral arrangements.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with the season through blooms, learn from Heather’s expert advice, and be inspired by the joy and passion that radiates from her flower farm. Tune in to the Backyard Bouquet Podcast this week and let your backyard bloom with the beauty of sustainable flower farming and the art of floral design.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • 00:02:36 – Heather’s journey into flower farming
  • 00:06:02 – Overview of Heather’s business model
  • 00:08:42 – Heather’s approach to full-service weddings
  • 00:14:38 – The value of investing in floral education
  • 00:26:44 – Sustainability practices in the wedding industry
  • 00:29:39 – Building a hoop house for flower farming
  • 00:30:25 – Forcing tulips in a hoop house
  • 00:31:57 – Benefits of growing perennials for flower farming
  • 00:35:50 – CSA bouquet subscriptions
  • 00:43:23 – Benefits of growing perennials for sustainable flower farming
  • 00:46:16 – Utilizing foraged greenery for floral arrangements
  • 00:50:48 – Importance of local flowers
  • 00:53:19 – Family involvement in Heather’s flower farm

Learn More About Heather’s Flower Farm:

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