Designing With Dried Flowers

Ep.24: Using Dried Flowers To Cultivate Everlasting Beauty With Full Belly Farm’s Hannah Muller

Interested in learning more about designing with dried flowers? Tune in to episode 24 to learn how Hannah Muller of Full Belly Farm preserves the fleeting beauty of flowers into everlasting beauty.

The Blossoming Journey of Full Belly Farm

Hannah grew up on Full Belly Farm, surrounded by vibrant fields of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The family farm has been thriving for over 40 years, originally starting with a small backyard garden, which has since expanded to around 15 acres devoted to cut flowers. Hannah’s passion for dried flowers began early. Even as a child, she found herself drawn to a special shed on the farm where flowers were dried.

Over time, Hannah’s love for dried flowers blossomed into a full-fledged endeavor, and she began creating beautiful arrangements that capture the enduring beauty of dried blooms. Her first wreath was made at the tender age of six, and ever since, she has continuously explored and perfected the art of drying flowers.

Hannah with her mom, Dru Rivers

From a Childhood Dream to a Published Author

Hannah’s dream of writing a book about dried flowers became a reality with the release of “Designing with Dried Flowers.” The journey from dream to publication was a multi-year process, beginning with a chance meeting with a literary agent. That meeting led to a collaboration that brought her creative visions to life. The book features 32 unique arrangements, inspirational stories, and practical tips on how to dry and arrange flowers.

Hannah emphasizes that you don’t need an entire farm or elaborate setups to start drying flowers. A simple wooden clothes drying rack can be an effective tool for beginners. She encourages aspiring flower enthusiasts to experiment with flowers already being grown or even sourced from local markets.

The Practical Art of Drying Flowers

Drying flowers is both an art and a science. Key factors to consider include proper drying conditions, such as low light and good ventilation, to preserve color and prevent mold. Some flowers, like statice and dusty miller, are excellent choices for drying. Hannah’s book offers a comprehensive guide to the best stages for harvesting and tips for an optimal drying process.

Hannah also shares techniques for combining fresh and dried flowers in arrangements, providing inspiration for creative and long-lasting floral displays. For those new to dried flowers, she suggests starting with easily accessible blooms like statice, baby’s breath, and eucalyptus.

Full Belly Farm’s Floral Creations & Designing With Dried Flowers

Full Belly Farm’s dried flowers are available through farmers’ markets, CSA add-ons, and local stores. Hannah highlights the importance of supporting local flower movements, especially during seasons when fresh flowers are less available. The farm’s dried flower offerings keep the local flower spirit alive year-round, providing beautiful and sustainable options for flower enthusiasts.

Hannah shares her admiration for flowers like strawflower and celosia, which offer vivid colors and unique textures for dried arrangements. She also discusses the trial-and-error nature of drying different flowers and encourages continuous experimentation to discover what works best.

Preserving Floral Legacy and Artistry

A particularly heartwarming aspect of Hannah’s book is its emphasis on personal stories and the legacy of flower farming. Each design and arrangement featured in the book is a testament to the artistry and dedication of the Full Belly Farm team. The book aims to inspire both novice gardeners and seasoned flower enthusiasts to explore the world of dried flowers, celebrating their timeless beauty.

Connect and Continue the Floral Journey

If you’re inspired by Hannah’s story and want to try drying flowers yourself, her book, “Designing with Dried Flowers,” is a fantastic resource. It’s now available for purchase at most book retailers, and it promises to bring the joy and wisdom of Full Belly Farm into your home. For more inspiration, you can follow Full Belly Farm on Instagram at @full_belly_farm, @farmerhands, and @wreathroom.

Join us in celebrating the enduring beauty of flowers and the dedication of flower farmers like Hannah Muller. Whether you’re cultivating your own backyard blooms or supporting local flower producers, every bouquet starts right here in the backyard.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • 00:02:29 – Hannah’s Journey to Writing Her Book
  • 00:03:05 – Growing Up on Full Belly Farm
  • 00:05:01 – College Years and Return to the Farm
  • 00:06:11 – Transition to Wedding Flowers
  • 00:09:05 – Impact of COVID-19 on Wedding Industry
  • 00:10:55 – Writing the Book on Dried Flowers
  • 00:13:10 – Personal Stories and Inspirations in the Book
  • 00:14:46 – Evolution of Flower Growing at Full Belly Farm
  • 00:18:19 – Incorporating Dried Flowers into the Business
  • 00:22:46 – Tips for Drying Flowers at Home
  • 00:32:07 – Sunflowers and Other Dried Flowers
  • 00:33:56 – Inside the Wreath Room
  • 00:38:19 – Favorite Dried Flowers and Techniques
  • 00:39:17 – Harvesting and Drying Techniques
  • 00:41:28 – Experimenting with Drying Different Flowers
  • 00:43:10 – Importance of Harvest Stage for Drying
  • 00:45:13 – Outlets for Selling Dried Flowers

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