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    2024 3-Week Spring Tulip CSA Subscription


    Enjoy 3 Weeks of Fresh, Locally Grown Spring Flowers from The Flowering Farmhouse!

    Spring Flower Bouquet Subscription Runs April 9th through April 23rd, 2024 (3 Consecutive Weeks).

    -$97 (Local Delivery in Hood River* on Tuesdays)
    -$90 (Tuesday pick-up at Good News Gardening Gift Shop**)

    This year the Flowering Farmhouse is growing tons of novelty tulips and speciality heirloom daffodils! Each week will feature fresh, seasonal spring flowers from our farm. Each bouquet will include 12-15 novelty tulips or focal flowers plus filler flowers and greenery. Most weekly bouquets should last you 7-12 days. Your first bouquet will come with a vase. For following deliveries, please place clean vase out on your porch for a contactless delivery and drop off.

    Here are some tips for keeping your bouquet fresh:
    – Keep flowers out of direct sunlight
    – Keep flowers away from fruits and vegetables
    – Change water daily to prevent bacteria from building up on stems
    – Discard any dead blooms
    – After 4-5 days, give flowers a fresh cut. You can move to a shorter vase to help extend the life of the flowers.

    *Hood River Home C.S.A. Deliveries will be on Tuesday afternoons between 2-5pm. Delivery is available to homes located on the city map attached to this page.

    **If you choose pick-up at Good News Gardening, your bouquet will be ready for pick-up between 11am and 5pm on Tuesdays.

    ***CSA is for Residential Deliveries only. For set-up a business delivery, please email

  • 2024 6-Week Summer C.S.A Subscription


    Enjoy 6 Weeks of Locally Grown, Fresh Summer Flowers from The Flowering Farmhouse!

    Summer Flower Bouquet Subscription Runs Tuesday, August 6th through Tuesday, September 10th for 6 Consecutive Weeks.

    • Investment: $210 (Local Delivery to Hood River* on Tuesdays)

    This year the Flowering Farmhouse is growing dahlias, lisianthus, sunflowers, zinnias, and so much more! Each week’s bouquet will feature fresh, seasonal flowers harvested from our farm. Each bouquet will include speciality cut focal flowers arranged with greenery and filler flowers. Dahlias will be our primary focal flower in our bouquets.

    Most weekly bouquets should last you 7-12 days (dahlias themselves do tend to have a shorter vase life of 3-7 days). Your first bouquet will come with a vase for displaying your flowers. For your following deliveries, please place a clean vase out on your porch for a contactless delivery.

    *Please refer to delivery map in images. Local Home Delivery is available for those living within the area on this map. Includes delivery through Portland Drive and OR 35 to Paasch Road. *Past customers are still included in our delivery routes.


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    Dahlia Seeds


    Grow your own dahlias with seeds harvested from The Flowering Farmhouse’s breeding patch! Unlike dahlia tubers, dahlia seeds will produce a new and unique variety. Dahlia seeds will produce tubers in one growing season.

    Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds harvested in 2023.

    How to Grow: Sow dahlia seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost. Transplant out after danger of frost. Dahlias need at least 120 days of growing to produce viable tubers. Learn more about growing dahlias from seed by clicking here.

    Dahlia seeds have a lower germination success rate than most seeds. You can expect anywhere from a 20-80% germination rate. The range is so wide as larger dahlias and closed center dahlias tend to have lower success rates. I’ve done my best to hand select ripe and full dahlia seeds. There is no guarantee on size, shape, or color on dahlias grown from seed. Each one will be unique and beautiful. Most dahlias grown from seed will produce open centered dahlias.

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