The Flowering Farmhouse is a small flower farm on less than a 1/4 acre located in Hood River, OR. What started as a passion for growing dahlias has developed into a love for growing seasonal flowers. Our flower farm specializes in growing unique, heirloom flowers for local florists, seasonal CSA subscriptions, and market bouquets. You can view the different flowers we grow by clicking here.

Inspired To Grow Flowers

Jennifer at the flower farm

Initially I was inspired to grow flowers as a young child. To this day I remember visiting my uncle’s house each summer. I remember seeing gorgeous bouquets of flowers throughout his home. It was back then that I told myself that someday I too would fill my house with beautiful flowers from my garden. My mother is also an incredible gardener. Growing up we always had gorgeous flowers growing in our yard and garden. I know that much of my love for flowers was instilled in me early on.

Getting Started With Growing Dahlias

When my husband and I bought our first house together in 2014, I planted over 64 dahlia tubers in our garden. That summer my flowers exploded. Not only was I able to fill our home with fresh flowers, but I was able to share my homegrown flowers with friends and family. Seeing the happiness that flowers can bring to others filled me with so much joy. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to grow even more flowers on a larger scale.

Fast forward a few years and a friend turned me on to Floret Flowers. I began reading Erin’s books and watching all of her free tutorials online. At the time I watched Floret’s video on dividing dahlias. As a result, I was able to produce over 300 dahlia tubers by storing and dividing my tubers. In 2018 we moved into our new farmhouse. At our new home, I have a large side yard where I wanted to grow the flowers. In my first true growing season, I was able to grow thousands of dahlias. That summer I sold many of these flowers at the local Hood River Farmer’s Market. I was also able to sell to local florists for wedding bouquets.

Investing In Our Flower Farm

In the fall of 2019 I decided it was time to expand my knowledge and I enrolled in Floret Flower’s Online Flower Workshop. This workshop taught me so much and has brought me tremendous growth. You can read about the lessons I learned as a 1st Year Flower Farmer here.

We love sharing our farm fresh flowers with those in the Columbia River Gorge. In the spring I will be rolling out the Flowering Farmhouse Flower C.S.A. subscription for locals to be able to subscribe to seasonal bouquets of flowers. Stay tuned.

Interested in Purchasing Flowers From The Flower Farm?

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the flowering farmhouse at sunset