It’s a good idea to have a mid-construction inspection

Mid-Construction Inspection for our Modern Farmhouse Build

Today we had a mid-construction inspection. Now that the framing is complete and the electrical and plumbing rough-ins are nearly complete, our family hired an inspection company to come out and complete a mid-construction inspection.

Most of the time people only do an inspection right before closing, but it’s actually a good idea to have a mid-construction inspection completed while you can actually see what’s inside the walls. Once the insulation and drywall go up, you can’t see these items. This is a great time to be able to fix anything that might come up during the inspection.

Are you wondering what issues came up during our inspection today? Well, I’m happy to share that our inspection went extremely well and there were only a few little items noted in the inspection (mostly cosmetic). The inspector told us that we have a well built and high quality home going up. (Those are always great words to hear).🙌🏻

Now our drywall will start going up and the house will really start transforming. I can’t believe we’re almost 💯 days into our build since breaking ground!

Have you had a mid-construction inspection on your home? If so, were there any surprises or issues that came up?

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  1. Interesting insights on mid-construction inspections! The Flowering Farmhouse shares valuable experiences in this blog post. …Thankyou

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